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  Shandong Qingzhou qinghua Bean sprouts machinery Factory
ADD : No.001,Xihuan Road , Daxun Industry Zone , Qingzhou City , Shandong Province,China
TEL : 0086-536-3806990
FAX : 0086-536-3806999
PHONE : 0086-(0)15854880278
sproutcn@gmail.com douyaji@gmail.com
Large-scale production factory
Large-scale production factory

QingHua New type bean sprout machine is the modern technology and the traditional process perfect union.It has features such as the artistic design,the control system by the computer,the automatically temperature-controlled,the ozone antiseptic technology used,the automatically water poured on.It is durable as well.The completely bean sprouts machine,realizes in the production process entire automation,which has advantages of time-saving,the labor saving,the low consumption,no noise and pollution and so on.It is a ideal machine for producing bean sprout.

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Add:No.1518,Yadong street, Qingzhou City , Shandong Province, China 
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